User Generated Sports Reports

6 09 2009

My wife and I have kicked around the idea of a blog we would call, “Good Choice/Bad Choice” where we highlight the decisions that make or break someone’s day.  The idea came after we faced a choice of two side-by-side Chinese restaurants away from China Town, in Manchester, England.  The “Blue” choice always seemed to be full but looked expensive and had a mix of both caucasian and oriental (or asian – whichever is least offensive according to your region) which as you will find in Stuff White People Like this is a less appealing choice.  We chose the basement Chinese buffet instead, which prompted the blog following our dismal experience.

That to one side, a website of fan/user-written sports stories should be a catastrophe, and in many places it is, but oddly, these fanatics tend to also have the inside scoop on their teams.  As an Iowa fan, I can speak from experience as Bleacher Report delivered the news that Jewel Hampton, our first string running back would be out for the year.  ESPN picked up the story several hours later.  the biggest drawback, oddly is not the fanboys discussing the miniscule details of the field conditions for next week’s away game, but rather the inefficiency of the RSS feed for just NCAA football alone.  Or perhaps this is just my inability to tag the right feed.