Oversharers – For those who love public humiliation

8 09 2009

A colleague of mine, Dan C sent me an email with some humiliating Fbook stat(i) and comments just last week.  Apparently there is a whole site out there dedicated to this called Oversharers.com

This site is hilarious!  It takes people’s tweets and Facebook “stat(i)” and reposts them for all to see and enjoy.  The best part is, the site posts them with their picture in most cases and their name – not so you could torment them for leaving a sesame seed in their teeth for a week or liking the smell of their own armpit, but it adds some authenticity to it, and makes it real for those of us who just can’t believe these people exist.  It’s the same phenomenon with People of Wal-Mart, and shows you that quality, self-esteem boosting humor is around you everyday, you just have to open your eyes and look for it sometimes.

That's soooo hot!

That's soooo hot!