Listia – eBay for free stuff

8 09 2009

This is kind of an interesting social experiment: Would people trade real possessions for virtual currency?  People list things on Craigslist and Gumtree for free all the time, there are plenty of bulletin boards with free couches, or nicknacks, the same things can be found garage sales as well – now someone has taken that online.

There’s not a lot of stuff there, but soon there will be for people just like me, who moved house and could not justify throwing perfectly good possessions away but also had no purpose for them and needed to expunge them from my life.  It’s also a much greener way of doing things, as opposed to stacking landfills ever higher.  So here is the deal, you get 50 points for signing up and 50 more for everyone else you sign up, and some more points when you list your first item.  Then you collect the points from whoever “buys” your stuff, and “spend” those points on whatever you find.  If you get really addicted you can even buy more points.  It’s worth a look.

ebay... but free

ebay... but free