Google Wave – Now I Get It

2 10 2009

If you have worked in corporate America long enough to see an email chain that threads on forever, with random people copied in and out of the communication and a variety of different topics covered and it’s all gotten very, very messy.

Google Wave has been the hype of the web the last few weeks, people selling limited edition invites to the new service on eBay.  I have read about how great it is going to be, how it will change all of our lives, but this video will explain it in two minutes and make us all as excited as the rest of the world seems to be.


This is the funniest non-blog ever!

23 09 2009

My wife was way ahead of the curve on this blog.  This is the simplest blog ever, and it is hilarious.  The premise works like this, Mike responds to classified ads posted by morons and tries to drag out their responses to his ever-increasingly ridiculous replies.  A couple of personal favorites are Brokeback Beach and Ride to Bonnaroo.  The only drawback is no RSS feed yet, though it has been requested.  Check the right side column for the classics.

Finally Push Gmail – What is that anyway?

22 09 2009

The long wait is over, I know how many countless lonely nights you lay awake – hoping, waiting, for push Google Mail.  don’t ask me how I know that, I just do.

But what is push Google Mail?  I will leave this article to explain better than I can.  Simply put, if you have an iPhone, and you have had a Blackberry, there is one key element that makes the iPhone imperfect (until today).  The tremendous lag time in reception of emails.  The iPhone can take up to 15 minutes to check back and then update with new emails whereas the Blackberry practically invented push, quite literally making it faster than my PC.  Follow the link to install the new Google Mail push application and step back from the ledge a bit.

Step-by Step Guide

Step-by Step Guide

My Favorite New Blog

6 09 2009

If you have ever been to Wal-Mart specifically in rural America or late at night (anywhere), this blog should look all-too familiar.  I can personally relate to images I have seen, and wish I was in the US so I could contribute.  Perfect for your reader, add this blog to lighten your day, and contribute if you are able as this blog should be huge!

People of Wal-Mart