Projector/Camera – Strange Combo but I want one!

8 09 2009

Engadget has posted pictures of the highly anticipated Nikon 1000pj, it’s a brand new digital camera (12mp) with a built-in projector on the front. Strange combo at first glance, but possibly revolutionary when you consider what you could do with this. Presumably, you could toss in a flash card and take a movie to friend’s house, just find a white wall and pitch up. Great for reviewing footage that would be too small to see the detail on a 2″ screen as well.

I think the key factor here will be performance and capability. The size of the screen they demo it on looks pretty small (follow link to site for video) and doesn’t make a lot of sense for any practical use – though it may have been a simple lack of exhibition space, I think it would also be a question of how accessible this device is to other similar inputs. Could you use a USB to plug in your iPod video, what about for giving a presentation at a meeting where the most application would be?  <<FOLLOW AFTER THE BREAK>>

Odd Combo
Odd Combo
The answer is in another device that was also recently posted from China. Solving the age-old problem of not having a pocket-sized projector, this device has some of these features of the Coolpix but some more practical options too. The DP2000 features a projector, about the size of two decks of cards.  With a touch screen on top and two USB ports, this is a much more useful piece of technology.  It also has a built-in SD slot which would make it much more useful than its’ counterpart.

The best part about the Darling DP 2000 I nearly missed altogether.  Follow the link (embedded in the image) to see a video demo of why this product is so great. For those who don’t want to watch it in action I will tell you exactly what I missed.  It’s a pocket laptop.  Genius really!  It’s got the USB for a keyboard, the touch screen top is instead of a mouse, no need for a screen, you can project it anywhere, the disk space is on the SD card.  You know what makes it even sweeter?  $180 Price tag (that’s £110 for our British friends).  That means that the technology is probably not the best at that price tag but upon further research I found that just about everyone has one of these about to come out, Samsung, Sony; the only difference is that these don’t utilize the ability to put a laptop in your pocket literally.

The future

The future




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